Thursday, June 13, 2019

Hunger games Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Hunger games - Essay ExampleIn Hunger Games, violence may be one its main themes but it was not glorified by the film. Those who seemed to enjoy it were portrayed as ridiculous and the characters themselves despised it that in the second installation Catching Fire, they were secretly plotting against the President to end his violent leadership. Without tackling violence in the book or film, the narrative will be a bore or pointless because why would they have to plot against a President if they have nothing against him? Violence in media, books, literature and art are always represent and in the case of Hunger Games, it subtly tackle the larger theme of chauvinistic omnipotence of men which is often confused with obtuse or even nobleman concepts like security, protection or prudence such as the character of the President. Through the narrative of violence, it showed that brutality can be masked as something lovable and be used to rule people by instilling fear. But as what Hunge r Games has illustrated, violence has to end for its sheer brutality. Assuming for the sake of word that we will rule violence outright in books and films, will that end violence and aggression

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