Saturday, January 4, 2020

Essay on Lesbianism Femmes and Lipstick Lesbians

Lesbianism is a real sexuality which is studied heavily, mainly because when something is not fully understood, the idea is looked into and conceptualized rigorously. Since the formation of religion, lesbianism has been looked upon as a sin; as technology has advanced and time has passed, people have slowly become more accepting. Heterosexuals often misunderstand lesbians, as do lesbians who judge others of the same sexual identity. Most people think all lesbians are the same, masculine women. However, that is not the case, sexuality is more fluid and lesbians, like the rest of us, are individuals. The lesbian community is diverse, and stereotypical misunderstandings, much like the ones that exist in the straight community about lesbians,†¦show more content†¦Being femme is really about sexuality and feminine power, and [they] just radiate femininity†¦ For femmes, femininity isn’t something you play with or apply with makeup. It’s at your core† (cite ). Sexuality is not as clear as it may appear to be; there are gray lines in sexuality, sex, and gender. For example, there are androdykes or androgynous people who are neither male or female. To further complicate things, androgyny refers to neither masculine nor feminine, rather more of a man-woman (Queer-ictionary). These ambiguous lines can upset, confuse, and anger other people because they do not fit in a clear cut box. Not all people pick a gender or an associated sex. There are many more explanations and examples of different types of lesbians and sexually ambiguous people, but these are just a few that are not normally mentioned. Today the term homosexuality is not appropriate because the negative connotation associated with it. First, the word homophobia is no longer used because it refers to something to be afraid of and was coined when people actually believed they could catch the gay (cite). Now it is widely understood that people cannot catch the gay. They realize how offending it is, so the accepted term used is sexual prejudice, which is an attitude about a group of people based on their sex, gender, and/or sexual orientation (cite Racheals class). Accompanying the fall out of the term homophobia, non-heterosexualsShow MoreRelatedHomosexuality : The Film And Tv Has Come A Very Long Way Since The 1920 S2055 Words   |  9 Pagesan interview with Arthur Laurents, writer for the film Rope, Robert Epstein notes Laurents saying that the film missed many elements to making the film’s characters actually represent their real life homosexual counterparts. In the early fifties, lesbians were also being attacked by the film industry, portraying them as bulldykes and troublesome neurotics. While the Hollywood was struggling to make topic of homosexuality in films more suitable for audiences, the film Victim made its debut in the

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